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CEPOW is run by a team of scientist, consultants and experts willing to engage on long term research and development actions. We are overseen by renowned academics, policymakers, business and media professionals.

Coming together from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, our skilled team of professionals is the backbone of cepowcameroon. Their ideas help shape the direction and mission of our organization as it continues to develop. Read on to learn more about some of our incredible team members.


Fontoh Desmond Abinwi, Executive Director: Fontoh holds an Climate Change from the university of Dschang Cameroon and a BSc. in Geography from the University of Dschang, Cameroon . His research focuses on Climate Smart Agriculture on participatory approaches to ensure best adaptive and mitigation in the agricultural sector and local development in Cameroon.  He also works for some climate oriented organisations in Cameroon. He has over 8 years of experience in the field of Environment, climate change and development. His mission is to contribute to a sustainable planet through action research and developing best adaptation and mitigation strategies towards a healthier planet. He demonstrates his contributions to Climate-development debates through scientific research, and action projects.


Mr Ngwa Derick SHU (Head of Development intervention department): Derrick is and ENS graduate in modern letters, teacher by profession. In his drive to give back to humanity, he got development intervention and project design, wherein he obtained certification from the Peace Corps Cameroon.  He has more that 6 years experience in community development intervention engaging in projects organised by SIRDEP and Peace Corps Cameroon. He has remarkable contributions to capacity building of young Cameroonians through his teaching career.


Mrs Victorine Neh Fomanka is a Bsc Holder in Management and Gender studies. Her focus is providing quality managerial/ financial services to institutions. She has over 12 years experience in management and micro credit development, Neh Fomanka career objective is to empower local and indigenous community members to be able to develop sustainable micro finance enterprises for livelihood sustainability. She is particularly interested on how environmental, financial and social sustainable can be enabled through micro credit development. She has been General Manager in leading organisation such as MBAMBACCUL Bamenda. She also has held position as coordinator of Helvetas Cameroon involved in community development intervention.


Ambe Jacob (Communication director): Mr Ambe a journalist by profession and retired former divisional delegate of communication in Menchum Cameroon, has a 35years experience in Journalism and Mass communication, he has also been chief of bureau at the Cameroon television broadcasting corporation Bamenda. He is a holder of a diploma in journalism and mass communication. He has been able to blend communication skills and environmental conservation to contribute to effective environmental protection. He is particularly interested in impacting the way in which information is transmitted between stakeholders and how this information influences policy implementation.


James b. Fuller (Head of capacity building/career development): Fuller is passionate about the phenomenon of climate change and its dynamics, particularly on providing adaptation and mitigation to climate change impacts.  He is senior climate scientist and a geo-engineer by profession. He has an experience of about 20 years both in climate change phenomenon/action and geo-engineering. He works for the marine service in the U.S and is the director of world alliance for climate, piloting the Green Sahara project. His main drive is promoting best climate adapting/mitigating concepts which will contribute to address the current imbalance that exist our planetary system.


Bilem coretta holds a dipolma/bsc in Human Resource Management. Head of the women and development unit. She has a 3 year experience of working in human and resource/women and development. She began her career in the field of human resource but became more interested in women development interventions. She now blends human resource education and women development activities to contribute to gender equality. She currently is carrying out a diploma program on gender studies in the drive to contribute to the sustainable agenda.

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